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I accidentally denied the option of allowing Beat Scholar to sync with Logic Pro X for tempo changes. Does anyone know how to enable the tempo changes again?

Anyone know where to get the sample pack used by Assaf Dar Sagol in the Killer Drum & Bass Beat with Beat Scholar demo?

Raymond Ward
Raymond Ward

I really like what I had seen in your video. Over the coming weeks I will get this. Hopefully you will win an award for at the MIDI awards that is how I found you. 👌🏾


Hi, i'm impressed by your Instruments. Beat Scholar is exactly what I was searching for. Basically I had a Rhythm Tool in mind and this comes close to it and gives new inspiration. That slicing is genius.

It really feels like musicians doing software.

I guess the iPad app is not designed to function as a remote for the desktop app. That would be cool. Greetings



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