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We Keep You Focused on Making Music.

The goal of every product we make is simple, we want to keep you in the creative, artistic headspace for the entire process of composing and producing music.

Every decision we make is based on this principle.

Modalics is the brainchild of Eyal Amir & Or Lubianiker – Friends, band-mates, product developers and lifelong fans of music & technology.


Eyal Amir’s unrelenting dedication to researching emotion and asthetics in music has driven his unique career since it’s very beginning.
From starting Project RnL ( collaborating with luminaries such as Jordan Rudess, Pomplamoose, Oz Noy & more… to his latest work in some of the worlds most exciting plug-in companies as a lead programmer (Waves, Xfer Records) – Eyal has a deep impact on any project he is involved in.

Eyal’s unique mindset and singular vision make him the ideal Co-Founder and CTO for Modalics.

Whether it’s touring with world-renowned artists such as Marty Friedman, Noa & Yossi Sassi, producing bands or bringing product ideas from abstract concepts to fruition through artistic & technical prowess – Or has always aspired to become a major part of any project he takes on.
At first, Or became a force in the bass stratosphere – Quickly catching the attention of the most prestigious gear companies.
Later, Or designed one of the most elaborate bass sample libraries ever made as well as sparking a series of exciting new products for musicians while working with Waves Audio.

Or’s entrepreneurial instinct and multi-faceted talents lend themselves well to his role as Modalics Co-Founder & CEO.


Eyal and Or both see Modalics as a natural continuation of their joined path and as the main avenue through which they can release their creations and change the music making landscape.

Project RnL (Live In Studio) - Another One

Project RnL (Live In Studio) - Another One

Facebook: For the very first time, we're taking Project RnL live! Upcoming Show: December 15th, Tmuna Theater Tel Aviv. FB event: Wanna see us play near you? For booking information: The band: Eyal Amir - Keys Ray Livnat - Vocals Or Lubianiker - Bass Dekel Dvir - Drums Alon Tamir - Guitar We're also joined by the other 'member' of the band - the video screen, adding some vocal/instrumental parts we didn't want you to miss. Music by Eyal Amir Lyrics by Ray Livnat Keys/Solo unison section inspired by original solo played by Jordan Rudess Recording Engineer: Liad Mazor Mixed by Eyal Amir Additional editing by David Baet-halahchmi and Tal Flora Levy Recorded at Doron Giat's Studios and Music School, Tel Aviv ( Mastered by Steve Fallone at Sterling Sound Filmed by Or Paz ( Video edited by Or Lubianiker and Eyal Amir Color Correction by Or Paz Recorded and mixed with Steinberg's Cubase and Waves Plug-Ins. Guitars recorded through S-Gear and Two Notes Torpedo Wall Of Sound III Or Lubianiker plays: Mayones MBC 2013 + Aguilar DCB Pickups and OBP3 Preamp Aguilar ToneHammer Preamp/DI, AGRO, Filter Twin DR Sunbeams Gruv Gear Fret Wrap Eyal Amir plays the Nord Stage 2 keyboard Special Thanks to: Doron Giat, Maya Aven-Odem, Dani Blich, Rom Lubianiker, Yuval Bilgorai, Jordan Rudess, Oren Obstblum
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