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What is MINDst?

The MINDst Sampler is an innovative leap in sampler methodology that brings unprecedented realism to your music production.

At the heart of this engine lie our intelligent sampling techniques and algorithm design, focused around responding musically to your input in real time.

By considering the organic dynamics and temporal characteristics of real drumming, it recreates the nuanced timing and timbre of a snare roll or the resonant decay of consecutive crash hits with astounding accuracy.

The result is drums that not only sound genuine but also feel deeply integrated into the fabric of your music, making each groove resonate with authenticity and expressive detail. 


Main Features

  • Revolutionary sampler engine breaths life into any drum performance and reacts to MIDI input in real time.

  • Massive Sample Base: 50,000 samples, incredible depth and diversity in every drum & cymbal.

  • One-of-a-kind DW custom kit & high end cymbals produce a tight, punchy sound.

  • Robust mixer with built-in reverbs and stylistic effects.

  • MIDI Player: Hundreds of grooves by producers and world renowned drummers with simple Drag and Drop to Your DAW (With Free Updates)




MAKE AN IMPACT - We designed MINDst so it plays like a virtuoso drummer, in a high end recording studio, ready to expertly track your next song - this approach comes through in every aspect of our design, from the choice of drummer (The Masterful Doron Giat) to the choice of kit, cymbals, microphones & sampling methodology... 
This isn't your run-of-the-mill basic drum sampler, it's a tight, punchy and impactful sound that is sure to make Rock, Funk, Fusion or Metal tracks feel amazing.

ENDLESS VARIATION - MINDst Drums comes with a massive sample base (±50,000 Samples)
The amount of dynamic layers, round robins and deep 
customization options make the kit feel alive and sound exciting even when playing the same loop for a long time.

ALGORITHMIC INNOVATION - MINDst is packed with innovative features. For example, the Hi Hat plays varying closed samples depending on the time elapsed since it was last opened. Each drum in the kit is sampled from both silence and previous resonance - our sophisticated playback algorithms then assign the ideal sample for each instrument based on its sustain, ensuring snare rolls and tom build-ups are both convincing and harmonious. The intricate work behind the scenes sets MINDst apart, truly defining its uniqueness.

Speed and Economy - With ~50,000 samples, we made sure you are always moved by MINDst's performance, even when listening to the same loop for a long time.​

In order to deliver the immense depth of our sample base with minimal size and loading times, we developed an entirely new audio codec called MLAC, specifically tailored to load mass amounts of samples quickly and efficiently. Ensuring quick startup times, low HD signature and minimal hassle to download.

The sample base can easily be downloaded from within the plugin.


Not Just One Kit... THE One Kit!We sampled Doron Giat's one of a kind DW custom kit, paired with cymbals of his own design. This hand picked, carefully curated sonic palette is the result of decades of experience.
Doron's virtuosity and attention to nuance underline every hit that we captured for MINDst Drums and he is an integral part of what makes MINDst feel so alive and groovy.


Min Supported System Specs

Intel Core i5 or equivalent AMD CPU, 8 GB RAM (16GB recommended)

Apple ARM64 (M1, M2, etc..) on Apple Systems

Windows 10 / macOS 10.13

Recommended Sample Library Requirements

Install on SSD drive for optimal performance

Supported Formats:

Windows (64-bit only) - Standalone, VST, VST3, AAX

macOS (64-bit only) - Standalone, VST, VST3, AAX, AU

Tested DAWs

Cubase, Ableton Live, Logic, Pro-Tools, FL Studio, Reaper, Studio One

MINDst Drums should run on any DAW that supports the formats above, if you run into any issues let us know at


$149 Only $99!

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