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EON is an arpeggiator that gives you unparalleled rhythmic and melodic control

Allowing you to shape intricate, beautiful & highly musical phrases easily


  • Unmatched Flexibility - 11 pitch positions, up to 128 steps, free or quantized editing of every note position and length.

  • Time & Space are Relative - Control step length, pattern length or mix and match both options over 8 arp snapshots per preset.

 EON gives you all the tools you need in order to explore the far reaches of rhythmic & melodic contours

In true Modalics fashion - EON allows complete rhythmic mastery, allowing you to easily create anything from groovy chord chops to insane polyrhythmic melodies



Up? Down? Sideways? Why not everything at once?

When midi notes are inputted into EON, they get allocated to the note grid according to their relative pitch, there are 11 pitch positions in the note grid, you can experiment with note lengths, velocities and polyphony to make something truly unique.

This system combined with our flexible pattern/step length module gives a sense of freedom and creativity you have yet to experience with any other arpeggiator

Can you say...Keyswitchable Snapshots 3 times fast?

Tell a Story.

Save 8 snapshots per preset and trigger between them in real time with keyswitches

This feature makes EON bigger than the sum of it's parts and allows you to create contextual patterns that when played in sequence, result in evolving themes or become the foundation of your productions melodic vocabulary


Getting You Started Quick!

EON is best used with your midi input and synths of choice, but we've also added +100 chord sequences & scales as well as a mini synth to make sure you're up and making music as soon as you launch

The Mini Synth includes:

  • 2 Wavetable Oscillators with dozens of wavetables

  • Sine sub oscillator

  • Unison control

  • Filter module with Keytracking

  • ADSR Controls

  • Filtered delay

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