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Are you into making music? Are you pretty awesome at it & want to be an artist? Email and tell us a bit about yourself!


Jordan Rudess - Dream Theater Member, Legendary Keyboardist,  Music-Tech Guru

"Beatscholar opens up new possibilities for rhythmic creation and design with a fresh intelligent approach that is immediately intuitive and musically inspiring. The interface is clear and inviting and this is obviously an application made by musicians for musicians"



Yogev Gabay – Drummer, Educator, Creator of “Time Consuming” on Youtube 


“The gap between music and technology is an ongoing battle. Yes, technology is slowly catching up, but at the far end, where all the nuance lives, it's still a work in progress. Nowadays, when technology is so involved in everything this gap makes it harder for modern musicians to create, experiment and share their art. 

And that's where 'Beat Scholar's comes in, with an innovative, intuitive and playful way to creat and experiment with the most advanced beats you can imagine!” 


Yoav Landau (The Living Tombstone) - Producer, Songwriter, Content Creator

“Working with Beat Scholar made it easy to create cool rhythmic patterns to use in songs I put out, it has lots of creative effects built that present great sound design options, Beat Scholar opens the door to interesting, complex areas in rhythm composition” 


Jacob Umansky - INTERVALS Member, Bass Virtuso & Educator

Jacob Umansky is one of the worlds best contemporary rock/metal bass players, between touring the world with Intervals and recording for top tier artists - his vital energy and finnesse solidifies him as a true outlier of modern bass playing.


Yonatan Meltzer - Pocket TLV Founder, Producer, Keyboardist

Yonatan Meltzer created much of the sample base for Beat Scholar, his deep sense of musicianship and production prowess made him the perfect candidate to accompany our development process and build a sample base that complimented our vision for Beat Scholar.

Yonatan is one of Israels best keyboardists and a brilliant hip-hop producer, you can check out his work through his band "Pocket Jam" available on all streaming platforms.


Natalie Tenenbaum - Acclaimed Concert Pianist, Composer, Trans-Siberian Orchestra Featured Pianist

Natalie frequently performs as a multigenre concert pianist in recitals, with orchestras and with various chamber music ensembles. Natalie has appeard across Israel, Europe, Asia and the US, performing in venues such as Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, Korea's National Theater, The Kennedy Center and many more...

Natalie's musical sensitivity and her outstanding talents as a pianist makes her truly stand out, make sure to visit her social pages to keep up with her creations.


Doron Giat - Israeli Drum Legend, Educator, Creator of "Doron Giat" Signature Series of Cymbals

Doron's exquisite musical taste is shaped by his endless hunger to learn and evolve as a musician. Whether it's teaching and developing an entire generation of highly accomplished musicians or working with the world's leading drummers on master classes and events - Doron is a true professional with abundant enthusiasm.

Doron's relationship with Eyal and Or started many years ago, Modalics is proud to now be able to have him as an artist and we highly recommend you check out his excellent presets for Beat Scholar.


Alon Tamir - Virtuoso Guitarist (Project RnL, Parsec, Solo)

Alon is one of the most unique guitar players in the world, he combines a deep understanding of harmony with uncomperable technical prowess, pushing the boundries of what's possible with every composition he creates.

Alon was also a major creative force in Project RnL - in which he recorded and toured with Eyal and Or for many years.


Shtuby - Electronic Music Sensation

"For many years I’m frustrated from the narrow variety of rhythmic options in all DAW’s of the music production market, As a former drummer I found my way to create complex rhythms, but I see how the DAW’s limitations are limiting rhythmic innovation in the modern era. While the sound and harmonic aspects keep progressing. Beatscolar is the first plug-in I saw that really breaks all the barriers and allows EVERYONE to create interesting beats and polyrhythms in a easy, brilliant way. Beat Scholar brings a lot of functionality to your projects inside the box and it can also be complimentary to your other instruments"

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