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MINDst Drums is a highly realistic sounding drum plug-in that stands out in its ability to authentically emulate the sound of an acoustic drum set and the feel of a virtuoso drummer playing it.


What Sets MINDst Drums Apart?

Versatility - We designed MINDst so it seamlessly fits your productions with little to no customization or complex programming. The vesatility in dynamics, choice of kit and cymbals and unique algorithms make this sampler sound production ready out of the box

Rock, Funk, Jazz, Metal - MINDst Does it all.

Variety - MINDst Drums comes with a massive sample base (±50,000 Samples)
The amount of dynamic layers, round robins and deep 
customization options make the kit feel alive and sound exciting even when playing the same loop for a long time.

Algorithmic Innovation - MINDst has plenty of tricks up its sleeve, for instance the Hi Hat will play a different closed sample depending on how long ago it was opened, every drum in the kit was sampled from silence and from a previous resonance, our playback algorithms allocate the correct sample for each instrument according to it's sustain...So snare rolls and tom build-ups sound convincing and harmonious.
Our work under the hood is a major difference maker and what makes MINDst truly unique.

Speed and Economy - With ~ 50,000 samples, we made sure you are always moved by MINDst's performance, even when listening to the same loop for a long time.​

In order to deliver the immense depth of our sample base with minimal size and loading times, we developed an entirely new audio codec called MLAC, specifically tailored to load mass amounts of samples quickly and efficiently. Ensuring quick startup times, low HD signature and minimal hassle to download.

The sample base can easily be downloaded from within the plugin.


Not Just One Kit... THE One Kit! - We sampled Doron Giat's one of a kind DW custom kit, paired with cymbals of his own design. This hand picked, carefully curated sonic palette is the result of decades of experience.
Doron's virtuosity and attention to nuance underline every hit that we captured for MINDst Drums and he is an integral part of what makes MINDst feel so alive and groovy.

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