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Beat Scholar Version 1.0.11

Updated: Sep 24, 2022

New Beat Scholar version has arrived! With exciting new features and the usual bug fixes :)

Changelog for 1.0.11:

1. Added rotate & reverse features for pizzas or entire lanes:

  • Use the left/right arrows on your keyboard + click a pizza or lane arrow to rotate all slices in pizza or entire lane

  • Use the down arrow + click pizza or lane to reverse the slices in pizza or entire lane.

2. Fixed freezes in Logic Pro X

3. Fixed issues in hosts where sequencer changes weren't announced to the host correctly.

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2 comentarios

Nice feature! :) Also, it's not obvious on the main page or account area where to get these updates from. I've just been redownloading the demo and that seems to work but it might be good to have the link to each update with these posts? :)

Me gusta
25 sept 2022
Contestando a

Yes, great feedback! We will definitely add it to the block posts. Generally there are two places that will always grab the latest version: 1. The trial download page 2. The "Download" link from the email you received right after purchase (that one will remain up to date).

Me gusta
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