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~Beat Scholar for iPad & Updates for Both Platforms | 1.4.8~

Last week, we released Beat Scholar for iPad and the response has been amazing so far! You guys helped us improve, pointed out bugs and asked for great features as always and we did our best to respect the effort and attention you put into our products.

Here's some information on the iPad release and the changelog for the latest version of Beat Scholar -

  • Beat Scholar for iPad comes with standalone, AUv3 and MIDI component formats.

  • Fully featured & compatible with desktop version - The iPad version includes all samples, effects and features from the desktop version, this means you can share presets between platforms.

  • If you download BS from the app store, you can now purchase licenses directly from within the app with an in-app purchase interface.

Changelog 1.4.8 - Desktop

  1. Added MIDI file export function to pattern module right click menu - accesible by right clicking a pattern pad in the right side menu.

  2. Added load preset functionality from anywhere on your HD

  3. Implemented new save menu with easy user category creation

  4. Performance improvements to reverb - fixed some errant CPU spikes.

  5. Fixed sampler taking too long to load samples on the 1st time they're played.

  6. Added compatibility features with iPad version

Changelog 1.4.8 - Upcoming iPad Hotfix (Currently in Review)

  1. Bypass overlays now positioned properly.

  2. Fixed text positioning and corruption in certain aspect ratios.

  3. Load Sample dialog fixed - Loading samples using the folder icon now works properly.

  4. Load preset crash fixed.

  5. Fixed sampler taking too long to load samples on the 1st playback.

  6. Fixed MIDI export - press and hold a pattern pad on the arrangement menu (accessible by the A | B button on the top toolbar)

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