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Beat Scholar Version 1.2.6

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

We've teamed up with the amazing Mike Malyan (Monuments, Tesseract) to bring you an in-depth tutorial about creating incredible progressive metal rhythms with Beat Scholar.

Mike breaks down ways to understand the rhythmic language of such genres and shows how Beat Scholar can easily produce some mind-boggling, head bangin' rhythms in minutes.

1.2.6 Changelog:

  1. Massive preset update from renowned drummer, educator & composer Mike Malyan.

  2. The pad "Drive" knob will now go to full bypass on the '0' setting, which will both remove itself from CPU and help produce a cleaner sound.

  3. We've added "secret" automation parameters (hidden from the UI at this point) to fully bypass the pad LPF, HPF, drive and crush effects.

  4. Midi Export: exporting will now report correct pattern names to the DAW. (Also, exported length will report correct clip endings when using different time signatures)

  5. Added new pattern quantize options: 1/16th and 1/32nd.

  6. Fixed compressor bug that caused muting on max values.

  7. Fixed FL Studio Export Bug

1.2.8 Hotfix Changelog:

  1. Fixed CPU spike introduced in previous version

  2. Fixed Windows 7 compatibility (officialy we still support only Windows 10 and up)

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