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Beat Scholar Version 1.2 - THE BIG ONE.

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

We've been cooking up this one for a while... hold on tight!

We heard ya, you want to create crazy beats and funky grooves even faster - Introducing...


We're introducing an entirely new workflow to Beat Scholar with the Randomizer Module.

It allows you to instantly explore the best parts of Beat Scholar. Just choose your randomizer presets and apply them to beat-pizzas or lanes.

It's now easier than ever to make beats and find your signature rhythmic styling with Beat Scholar, and once you've found it - you can save custom randomizer presets! You have quite a selection to choose from in our factory library - trap hats, drum fills, shuffle beats, linear grooves and more are just a click away.

Clicking the dice icon on the brush area will initiate the Randomizer mode, you can also use “/“ on your keyboard to momentarily switch to the randomizer brush.

The Randomizer has 4 Submodules:

Drum Selection - Use the drum pads to select drums to be randomly placed on triggered steps.

Beat Slicing - Set slice values to be applied when using the brush.

Step Triggering - Adjust the chance that a slice will be triggered on and the chance triggered steps will cluster together (spacing)

Velocity Range - Set min and max values for triggered step velocity

Randomizer Presets

The best way to explore uses for the randomizer is to browse the factory randomizer presets.

  • Click the preset name to open the menu.

  • Use the arrows to navigate the between presets.

  • Click save preset to open the save prompt.

  • You can select Show Preset Dir to view and manage your randomizer preset directory. Any folders or naming adjustments you make will be reflected in the randomizer user preset menu.

Important Note - Windows users: It's possible Windows smartscreen will warn about the installer for this version. In that case, it's perfectly safe to click "more info" and allow the installation anyway. This notification will go away in an update in the next few days.

We've updated our manual with all the new features added since the release - Check it out here:

Version 1.2 Changelog:

  1. 18 freshly baked presets! We've added a "Percussive" category that is dedicated to loops that compliment your main drum arrangement and also expanded our "Trap" category - it now includes a selection of trap beats that focus on hi-hat patterns, try navigating between the presets or use the "perform" preset to have all of them on the same preset and use the pattern module to trigger between them.

  2. Beat Scholar now shows prompt notification every time a new version is released, you can download the new version directly from the button on the prompt. If you pass on the opportunity this notification won't appear again until a new-er version is released.

  3. Clicking the sample name will now open a drop down menu containing every sample selection in the category.

  4. You can now use F1 to open the manual.

  5. You can now use F2 to reset Beat Scholars window size.

  6. Delete lane contents now possible with Shift + Click lane arrow.

  7. Pressing "Tab" will switch between the drum brush and the last brush you selected, if no other brush was selected, tab will not change your active brush.

  8. Graphical performance improvement - We've further optimized our graphics to ensure smoother operation in beat heavy sequences and WIN machines especially.

  9. Automation parameter names are now more descriptive and contain drum information (like HH, snare...) to help you navigate your complicated DAW projects.

  10. Fixed some undo/redo actions being registered by mistake.

  11. Fixed bug with new trials appearing as expired from day 1.

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